What Congregations in Transition Need to Know

Lutheran CORE is working with NALC pastor Don Brandt to offer an at-cost consulting ministry for congregations who are between pastors.  Called Congregations in Transition (CiT), this new ministry connects coaches (mostly retired Lutheran pastors) to support and walk with congregations in transition.
  • Lutheran CORE encourages churches in transition to learn more about how CiT can help. Please contact either lcorewebmail@gmail.com or the contacts listed in CORE’s article about CiT from its January newsletter, CORE Voice.

In this initiative a congregation organizes a Leadership Team of a few key leaders (separate from the church council and the call committee), which then works with their coach, primarily online.

  • The ministry arrangement begins with an initial onsite visit to introduce the coach to the entire congregation and that includes the coach spending a full day with the Leadership Team.
  • This ministry offers encouragement and includes helping the Leadership Team maintain not just stability but momentum in regards to the congregation’s vital ministries during this transition time.
  • There are very few financial costs to the congregations for this ministry. The CiT coaches are volunteering their time. The only significant expense is the initial onsite visit.

Below are seven documents which demonstrate how this ministry can help your congregation navigate both the challenges as well as the opportunities that arise during what can be an extended call process:

  • The Brochure gives an overview of how this ministry can be of help to your congregation.

Four of the documents illustrate the kinds of issues that your coach will be covering with your congregation’s Leadership Team. They are: